Disjointed, here, Queer and loathing.

A gramme is better than a damn.  photo jptumblr_zps6104684c.jpg _________________________

Interchanging Trans* and everything.

This blog is basically just me documenting my adventures.

I enjoy, want, do:

Deconstruction. Accessibility and fighting for it. Beyonce. Ads for DVD on VHS. Redwine&sunsets&cigars&myfriends. Secrets beneath the covers. Radiohead. Long drives accompanied by loud voices. Meaningless and meaningful sighing. Sharing the places that make me feel alive. Tina Turner. Cold mouths & cold mornings. Established gardens. Cats. Doing washing between 1&3am. Comics. Rabbits. The Smith Street Band. Artistic endeavours. Sweet cover songs. Narcosis and the subconscious. Anatomy. Road tripping weekly. Running into the ocean or just swimming anywhere. All of the vegetables. Knees & bruises. Beer. Stick n Pokes. Painting my nails. Bean bags. Reading aloud on buses. I, Claudius. Dancing on the train. Absurdist theatre. Heads & hearts & spades. Buckley. Basquiat. Will Sheff. Watching chests rise and fall. Crafting haikus. Lemony Snickett. Pretending. Stumbling and encountering. Political engagement.
Internet critique
Heavy boots.